Christmas Tree Season Begins

Tree farm says there are plenty of trees this year

Thanksgiving is behind us, which means the Christmas season is in full swing.

Many people will begin their search for the perfect Christmas tree.

Pederson Tree Farms in West Salem says the first weekend in December is usually their busiest weekend. They say they have plenty of trees in stock this year, so there shouldn’t be a shortage.

When it comes to picking a tree, Pederson’s says everyone has something different they are looking for. “Everybody has their own idea of what their perfect tree is, some people like a 6-foot tree, other people like a 12-foot tree, some like them full some like them not so full, it’s all over the board,” said Daniel Pederson from Pederson’s Tree Farm.

Whatever kind of tree you choose, Pederson says to make sure you keep them watered and away from heating ducts which can dry out the tree.