City committee grants waivers for rental moratorium

A half dozen people are looking to get around La Crosse’s rental conversion moratorium. That was a big part of the city’s Judiciary and Administration committee meeting Tuesday night.

The six month moratorium was approved back in July. It prohibits people from converting single family homes into rental properties.

The people applying for waivers say what they’re doing is improving the neighborhoods they live in and just want to comply with the law. “We’re bringing life to it, they’re properties that are 119, 120 years old and they’re beautiful now. We’re getting that feeling from other landlords that were here tonight, that if there was clearer information, we would be complying, it was just a mistake,” said Mark and Amanda Christianson.


Right now, close to 800 houses in the city are rental properties. Only 47% of the homes are owner-occupied.

The committee ended up approving the waiver applications. They still need to go through the rest of the council cycle next week.