City of La Crosse approves five-year strategic plan

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Using the concerns of more than 2,000 residents, the City of La Crosse has created its five-year plan to address the community’s needs.

Nearly $8-million will be invested into the city.

A majority of the funds will be used to help low and moderate-income families.

This includes improving residential housing and making them more affordable.

Plans are in place to build 150 units of mixed-income, multi-family housing, and those who were formerly homeless.

Plus, 80 units of housing will be rehabbed.

In addition, money will be put toward improving child care services.

There will also be funding to support a future public market.

How these funds are used will make a difference for people in La Crosse

“We have a chance to make a huge impact with these funds if we’re able to prioritize the use of the funds and invest them in projects that will yield a lot of benefit for the city,” said Caroline Gregerson, Community Development Administrator.

The study found some positive trends in the city.

There is a 9% increase in resident satisfaction and more people say they feel safe in their neighborhoods.