City of La Crosse Mayor responds after investigation shows his wife was the instigator of an incident during recent protest

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) –  There is new information about an incident involving La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat’s wife being pepper-sprayed during a protest two weekends ago.

News 8 Now asked Mayor Kabat if he’d like to respond to the fact that the investigation shows that his wife, Christy, was the instigator and that the van’s driver planned to pursue charges.

In a statement Tuesday Kabat said:

“News8000 already ran several stories via news broadcast, online and social media about the situation, including the latest on the release of the police report. I’m working to keep essential services going while facing a once in a hundred-year global pandemic, historic economic downturn and budget cuts, and historic protests demanding change and the elimination of racism here in La Crosse. All while trying to reassure my terrified spouse that she is still safe here.”

Christy Kabat told police she has been harassed online since the police report was made public.

The report says she reached into the minivan and scratched the driver before he pepper-sprayed her.

As of Friday, the driver said he planned to pursue criminal charges of battery and disorderly conduct against Christy Kabat.

The city attorney’s office is reviewing the case.