City of La Crosse submits interim PFAS site investigation to the DNR

Meantime, DNR testing of 200 additional private wells is underway. Check out our map

TOWN OF CAMPBELL, Wis. (WKBT)- The City of La Crosse submitted to the state its interim site investigation into the PFAS contamination on French Island. 

The DNR is reviewing the 123 page report. 200 privates wells in the Town of Campbell have tested positive for PFAS. The manmade compounds were used to produce the firefighting foam spayed the at the La Crosse Regional Airport. They are linked to infertility, thyroid disease, and cancer.  

The City of La Crosse has taken responsibility from some of the contamination.  Former Mayor Tim Kabat said many times he believes there are other sources. But; Kabat never named them. The report does the same thing. It says there are other “potential” sources including the industrial park and fire training and response by the Town of Campbell Fire Department. But; it does not list a specific manufacturer or fire incident. The City wants the DNR to investigate to find any potential evidence. 

The DNR is investigating. Its focus has been to find out exactly how many private wells are contaminated, to make sure families are drinking water that is safe. The DNR will sample 200 wells across the island. That process started Monday, April 19th. There are two sampling teams. One is focused on the north half of the island. The other on the south half. They are working toward the middle. In just the first two days, the DNR has taken 14 samples.

The DNR will make contact with the owner of each well to get permission first.  News 8 Now put together this map of the location of all wells the DNR wants to sample.