City of Onalaska urging residents to sign up for emergency system

CodeRED includes weather alerts

The City of Onalaska is taking steps to further protect residents during events like last night.

Onalaska’s CodeRED Community Notification System was upgraded to include weather warnings. Through the emergency system, an automatic severe weather notification is sent out to alert people in the path of severe thunderstorms, flash floods, and tornadoes.

The newly upgraded CodeRED system requires a registration though, so city officials are urging residents to take advantage of the free service.

“It is an advantage that doesn’t save seconds, it saves valuable minutes for people to obtain the information and be able to take action, either to shelter in place or seek whatever type of shelter, head to the basement, or even for evacuations,” said City of Onalaska Fire Chief Don Dominick.

You can sign up for the CodeRED system at