City official calls recent mail solicitation questionable

Letters addressed to La Crosse, Onalaska residents

City water utilities are urging caution after a wave of solicitation letters are sent to homeowners.

La Crosse and Onalaska residents have been receiving mailings from a business called HOMESERVE. The Madison based company is offering insurance for the water service line.

Jarrod Holter, Onalaska’s city engineer wouldn’t call the letter a scam, but says it’s questionable to try and hire someone from outside of the area to provide these services. “It’s not endorsed by the city water utilities that the service is begin offered, typically things like this it’s better to stay local and stay with someone you know,” said Holter.

La Crosse officials say this is the second wave of mailings they are aware of, and believe it’s happening in many other communities. They also do not endorse the company.

Both utility departments recommend contacting them with any questions.

La Crosse