City stops taking applications for ‘paint & fix-up’ program

A program helping La Crosse residents improve their neighborhoods is getting more than it bargained for.

Within just two weeks, La Crosse’s city-wide “paint and fix-up” program received more than 100 applications.

The program, created by the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission, gives grants to residents to make improvements on their home. This includes paint, exterior repairs, and even the materials to do it.

After such an overwhelming response, the city actually had to stop taking applications. “The amount of money we have for this year, if everybody was to ask for the full amount that they’re allowed, we can really only fund about 61 applications. So there will be some people that likely will not be funded,” said Senior City Planner Tim Acklin.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Commission will discuss what to do with the extra applicants at its next meeting in a couple of weeks.