Cleanup taking longer than expected for former Mobil Oil site

Cleanup continues on the former Mobil Oil site on Copeland Avenue in La Crosse.

Exxon Mobile has been working for the past three weeks to cleanup nine different hot spots that are contaminated on the site.

The company is digging out sections of ground and replacing it with clean soil.

The city planner said it could be a while before any development takes place. The city acquired the land in hopes of eventually redeveloping it commercially.

“That’s a huge thing for the city because that, you know, 60 plus acres can represent millions of dollars of tax base to the city once that’s fully developed,” said Mayor Tim Kabat of La Crosse. “So we are really looking forward to that.”

Once the cleanup is done, Exxon Mobil must go through a closure procedure with the D.N.R.