Clerk says voter angry about being turned away had wrong ID

A Sun Prairie man said he is angry that he was turned away from the polls under Wisconsin’s new voter ID requirements, but the city’s clerk says he had the wrong type of identification.

Tony Harper says he’s been a registered Wisconsin voter since 1982. But he says he wasn’t allowed to vote even though he carried his Wisconsin driver’s license and his U.S. passport — proof of his Wisconsin residency and U.S. citizenship. He says he moved from Madison to Sun Prairie about a year and a half ago, but his license still shows his old address. He says officials told him his auto insurance bill wasn’t sufficient proof of his new address.

Sun Prairie City Clerk Dianne Hermann-Brown told News 3 Harper did not show the proper proof of residency, which are statutes that were put in place before the new voter ID law.

Hermann-Brown said Harper provided an insurance card, which is not accepted.

Harper, a middle-aged white man who wouldn’t disclose his political leanings, says he plans to return after work with qualifying proof. But he says it’s a big inconvenience for him and suspects it will be for other voters who work day shifts.