Coach from Brazil lends hand to Coulee Region soccer players

Elton Mota's stay part of "Tetra Brazil" program

The World Cup final is Sunday, and a couple kids from the Coulee Region can’t help but feel a connection to the host country.

Their coach is from Brazil.

Elton Mota coaches the Coulee Region United Soccer Assocation’s U-17 team. It’s part of a program called “Tetra Brazil.” Mota travels around the world to teach kids soccer.

“They can see a staff that had a lot of experience and people that have been into the game,” Mota said.

“Sometimes kids around here grow up with coaches that don’t necessarily play soccer; they’re just a parent or whatever and they play football. They might not know the game as much as Alton,” said Camryn Zimmerman, who plays on the U-17 team.

Mota’s main goal is to help grow the sport on a global scale. If you ask him, though, the United States is on the right path.

“Sometimes I think you guys are developing better, better than other countries. Even Brazil, you guys really [are] going [in] the right direction.”