Cold weather means business for tow drivers

This week’s frigid temperatures can frustrate most drivers, especially when it means a dead battery or other auto problems. But for the drivers at Don’s Towing, this is the perfect weather.

The towing company has nearly tripled its business Monday and Tuesday, and drivers aren’t complaining.  They’re paid on commission, so more tows translates into a bigger paycheck.

Bud Rose is one of those drivers. He’s been with Don’s Towing for two years, and he loves every minute of it.

“I was born to tow,” he says.

This week is the busiest Bud has been this season. Monday, he voluntarily came into to the shop to help tow in wind chills reaching -50 degrees. But not a lot seems to faze this truck driver, least of all the temperature.

“It doesn’t bother me. If you dress for it, you’re okay,” Bud says.

On bitterly cold days like Tuesday, most calls are for jumps, and most customers are content, Bud explains.

 “We’re like a knight in shining armor to a lot of people.”

He’s answered 30 calls for help with a dead battery Monday. That’s compared to a maximum of 10 on a normal day. In total, Don’s Towing received more than 100 calls for service Monday, and they were expecting a similar result Tuesday.

But that’s exactly how Bud likes it.

“I was made for this job.”