Collecting cards, memories a pastime for Mabel-Canton’s Morken

2021 was another special season for Mabel-Canton Volleyball, and head coach Lonnie Morken has seen his fair share of great tournament runs.

“We’ve been strong for 25 years or whatever. I’m getting old! Getting old.”

“We’ve spent so much time with him and we look up to him more than just a coach.”

In those years, Lonnie has collected trophies and plaques throughout the decades.

“We’ll keep battling until I retire or so.”

But that’s not his only collection.

“So I remember starting out collecting cards and stuff. You could buy cards for 25 cents, so cheap and stuff…oh yeah baby!”

“Ty Cobb…Babe Ruth…Lew Alcindor I paid 350 dollars for and it’s probably 10 times that now.”

Lonnie’s cards look rare enough, but he can back them up, as he gets their quality rated by collectors on a scale of one to ten.

“And my Dickerson came back an 8, my Marino a 7 and my John Elway Ugh! A Four?!”

These rare cards could go for thousands on the market, but Lonnie’s not interested in selling them, as each card tells a story.

“It takes me one trip to go to the cards, and I don’t have to take it out of the case. It’s fun to leave reality for a bit.”

And the same goes for his trophy case.

Some kid will do something and it will spark a memory: ‘I remember when so and so did that or I remember such and such game where that happened!'”

“I love my job, I love my hobbies, and I’ve been blessed to be around some amazing girls. the success I’ve had at Mabel, I’m just a small part of it.”