Comedian Leslie Jones says America is ‘way more’ than Trump

Comedian Leslie Jones may appear in lots of political sketches that lampoon the President as part of her job at “Saturday Night Live,” but she wants Americans to know the country is “way more” than just the commander in chief, and “always has been.”

In an interview with CNN’s Van Jones on “The Van Jones Show,” which aired Saturday at 7 p.m. ET., the “Ghostbusters” star said she had never been especially political, joking that President Trump is “still ‘The Apprentice’ to me.”

But she told Jones, “Trump is awful.”

“He’s really awful. He might be one of the most awful we’ve ever had. But this country is way more, actually, than the President, man, and we always have been. We the people!” she said.

The comedian toured the country extensively as part of her standup career, and Jones asked her what she had observed about everyday Americans that she wished more people saw.

“We care more about each other than you think,” the comedian replied.

“Real talk. We care about each other. We’re just so damn offended that we just don’t wanna know that we care. All of us got a chip on our shoulder. Like, knock it off. Because, real talk, this country is gonna really have to get rid of that to heal!” she said.

In a time of increased political partisanship, people need “to start being nice to each other,” Jones said.

“Stop thinking that you’re gonna make it into this world without someone else. We need to help each other. We need to be kind to each other,” she said.

“That is how we are going to heal all this stuff.”