Committee of the Whole approves audit of MVC


LA CROSSE, Wis. — Plans to audit the Mississippi Valley Conservancy are moving forward.

The Committee of the Whole voted Tuesday night to authorize the audit of the non-profit.  The plan comes after a recent review of the MVC revealed apparent discrepencies in how DNR stewardship money was allocated within the La Crosse Bluffland Protection program.

The DNR says the documents the MVC gave to the city about Stewardship grants do not match the DNR’s records.  The DNR plans to share in the cost of an audit.

The executive director of the MVC says an audit would be a waste of taxpayer money since the organization has been transparent with both the DNR and the city about where money is coming from and how it is being used since the start of the Bluffland project ten years ago.

The resolution for an audit now goes to the full city council on Thursday.