Community chips in through donations, volunteering for flood relief event

Volunteers with Fight the Flood are looking to raise $150,000 to go toward flood relief efforts. As people drive to the Oktoberfest grounds for the concert, volunteers are waiting across the street at GECU to collect donations.

Kathy Landsinger is one of the hundreds of volunteers who are helping throughout the day.

“What these people are going through is just so traumatic and I figured there has to be some way I can help,” Landsinger said, as she waited for cars to come by the donation drive.

The donations will be given to the Rotary Works Foundation for flood relief efforts.

“We’re working with some city officials, we’re working with some churches, we’re working with some rotary clubs throughout the area and so on trying to identify the areas that have some of the most need,” said Pat Stephens, a member of the steering committee that organized the event.

With so much need in the Coulee Region after the flooding, Chris Wysong decided to pose a challenge to other potential donors.

“I’m challenging the local community businesses come in to either meet or beat that $250,” Wysong said.

Some people were willing to take that on, while others were able to give what they had.

“We’ve had a variety of donations. We had people emptying their change jars to writing checks for hundreds of dollars,” Landsinger said.

This attitude toward the fundraiser isn’t surprising to Pat Stephens.

“People like to help out, especially for good causes like this one,” Stephens said.

Even at some of the lowest points in the Coulee Region, there is a neighbor looking to help you out.

“Everybody can help in some way or form. It doesn’t have to be physical. It can be emotional support; just volunteering like today. There’s always something somebody can do to help,” Landsinger said.

Volunteers will be collecting monetary donations and nonperishable food items at GECU on La Crosse Street until 7 p.m. Thursday. Another option is to donate online at