Community flocks to missing emu named Dork

A small town in Minnesota has rallied around a family’s missing pet: Dork the emu.

“(We get) missing cats, missing dogs,” Becker Police Chief Brean Baloun told Kare 11. “But we’ve never had something like this.”

The 6-foot, 120-pound animal escaped from a backyard in April when a tree branch broke his pen, Kare 11 reported. Since then, he’s attracted 1,000 Facebook followers who wear T-shirts in his honor and post photos in the group when they spot him around town.

“It’s kind of fun — just something to watch,” said neighbor and Dork follower Renee Hildebrandt. “People are going nuts over it.”

Even though Dork has been on the run for six months, his community of fans haven’t given up, Kare 11 reported. They brainstorm ways to catch him, hoping to lure him home.

“It’s kind of neat to see the community rally around to try to find him,” Baloun said.