Concordia Ballroom asks for community’s help paying for repairs

A historic ballroom in La Crosse is asking for help to preserve it’s long-standing tradition.

The Concordia Ballroom wants to remain a community asset in the Coulee Region, but says it needs to make some costly repairs first.

The ballroom needs about $40,000 to replace it’s roof and siding.

Because of it’s lack of income, the ballroom doesn’t have enough money for the needed repairs. 

“You know with our yearly operations we accumulate anywhere from $5-6,000, but that doesn’t go very far to replace a $30,000 roof. So if people are willing to help us to preserve this as an asset for the community we would be very grateful for that,” said Concordia rental manager, Jeff George.


The ballroom holds a variety of events including polka dances every Sunday.

For information on how to help visit,