Congressman Kind calls to ease $1 trillion in student loan debt

Kind says the typical undergraduate is looking close to $28,000 in debt

U.S. Rep Ron Kind met with students and staff at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to discuss his recently proposed College Affordability Action Plan. He said his plan will make it easier for students in Wisconsin and across the nation to pay for higher education.

UW-L senior Kellie Carroll took time out of her schedule to learn about ways to make college more affordable. The communication’s major is one of the countless young adults dealing with student loan debt.

“My parents pay half my tuition right now out-of-pocket and then my dad is going to help me pay back a portion of my loans,” Carroll asked.

Even though graduation is right around the corner, Carroll is more nervous than excited about her future in the work force.

“Even though I have a 9 to 5 job, am I going to have to have that second job to pay off my loans?” Carroll said.

“The typical undergraduate, by the time they finish school here in Wisconsin is looking close to $28,000 in debt,” Kind said.

Kind is hoping to change that with a college Affordability Action Plan.One part of this plan is to shift the cost of public universities back onto the state.

“The state share not too long ago was well over 50 percent today it’s 16 percent,” Kind said. “The typical student tuition is paying roughly two-thirds of the cost of higher education.”

Another part of his proposal is to take the $100 billion the federal government makes off of student loan interest and put it toward Pell Grant funding.

“Congress shouldn’t raise money off of the backs of students through higher interest rates than what’s necessary to pay for the program,” Kind said.

Kind is also calling for students to have the chance to refinance their loans for a lower interest rate.

Carroll thinks the plan is a step in the right direction and wants other politicians to get on board.

“I don’t know how you can sit there in your office and not do something about it when you know that a large portion of people are struggling,” Carroll said.

Here is a link to the plan: