Construction worker buries Chiefs flag under Raiders new stadium

A Las Vegas construction worker buried a Kansas City Chiefs flag under the new Raiders stadium as it was being built, KCTV reported.

Gerard DeCosta, a lifelong Chiefs fan living in Las Vegas, received national attention for the stunt in 2017. A picture of Hawaii native holding the flag went viral.

Giving the New Home of the Raiders a Warm Welcome from the Chiefs Kingdom!!! @nflnetwork

— Gerard DeCosta (@gerard102874) December 28, 2017

The Raiders are set to move from Oakland to Las Vegas for the 2020 season.

He ended up not being fired, but moved to work at a different location.

“The most they could do was keep me banned from working at the stadium,” he said. “When they sent me out to a different site, not knowing that was the area where they had the bleachers, and I was like, ‘Oh! I got to take advantage of this, too.’ When I did that, too, they were like, ‘Oh man, here we go. We told you not to do what you did, and you did it again.’ But hey, you only live once.”

Now DeCosta is working for a different construction company in Las Vegas, he told KCTV.

He later did more work on the Raiders’ training facility. They made him sign papers promising he wouldn’t smuggle any Chiefs merchandise inside.

“The funny part is, my whole family are Raiders fans. They thought the whole incident was funny,” DeCosta told KCTV. “I always talk a lot of crap about the Raiders, so when I went out to the site, I was looking forward to that.”