Corn maze welcomes new Badgers coach

Around Wisconsin this time of year a few places make corn mazes for everyone to enjoy and at Schuster’s Playtime Farm near Deerfield, this year’s maze is pretty unique.

The maze is in the likeness of Badger football coach Gary Andersen on the left, along with a Motion W Badger Football and a welcome greeting.

“I will say this — I don’t know how you do that, but that’s pretty cool, not that my face is on it, but I love the Motion W. That is a pretty cool thing. It’s one more situation where you understand the importance of Wisconsin athletics and Wisconsin Football,” said Andersen. “Lisa (Powell, program assistant) came into my office today and the first thing she said was, ‘I thought I had seen everything in Wisconsin but now I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before so away we go.'”

It’s quite a process to make a corn maze. A company in Utah does the design, then a GPS mounted mower carves it out. It takes about seven or eight hours to cut out the maze that has to be mowed every week to keep the shape.

Corn maze welcomes new Badger coach