Cost of college continues to rise across the nation

Students, staff agree keeping costs down requires careful planning

The cost of going to college continues to rise.

According to new numbers from The College Board the average cost of attending a public in-state university in the US was nearly $19,000 a year. That’s up about three percent.

For out-of-state students the cost was over $32,000.

In Wisconsin tuition has been frozen at UW System schools. But room and board, along with the cost of school supplies likely went up.

Students and staff alike agree that keeping costs down requires careful planning.

“Strive for graduating in four years, if it’s possible, set an academic plan and try to stay with it, because obviously the longer you’re here, the more money it’ll cost you and the more you’re probably going to borrow in order to pay for that,” said UW-La Crosse Loan Programs Coordinator Terry Micks.

“Start early and get scholarships, and then when you can apply for scholarships, apply for every single one that you can, no matter what,” said student Samantha Wiekamp.

Governor Scott Walker wants to continue the tuition freeze for another two years, and is considering extending it to technical colleges.