Coulee Council on Addictions to finish reviewing designs after rezoning passes city council

Part of Washburn neighborhood rezoned

The Coulee Council on Addictions is moving forward with plans for a new facility after the rezoning of a chunk of land in La Crosse’s Washburn neighborhood.

The Council will now finish reviewing designs and construction will begin within the next few weeks.

La Crosse’s Common Council voted to rezone the land along Ferry Street last night. Council leaders say the rezoning was a major hurdle for a much- needed expansion.

“Even today is an example. We had a class scheduled and we had a meeting scheduled, so one of those had to get cancelled. We couldn’t have both of those things happen,” said Coulee Council on Addictions Executive Director Cheryl Hancock.

The rezoning passed with a 10-to-3 vote, just making the required 10 vote super majority. Those who voted against the rezoning said they understood the importance of the work done by the organization but believed the lot should be used as residential space.

Coulee Council on Addictions hopes to move into the new building by May.