Couple recovers $30,000 wedding ring from landfill

City workers on Tuesday helped a couple track down a woman’s $30,000 wedding ring after it was accidentally tossed in the trash.

KSWB reported that when the couple realized the ring had been thrown away, they immediately called the City of San Diego. Environmental Services Department workers used GPS tracking to determine the trash truck that had been through the couple’s neighborhood was already back at the Miramar Landfill. Once the couple arrived, they were taken to the site where the truck had dropped its load of trash.

“It took all of four minutes to find the ring so that was pretty quick,” city spokesman Jose Ysea said. “The employees who helped them look through the load were just ecstatic that they were able to find it, especially so quickly. They said the couple was just ecstatic.”

Ysea said the process of digging through trash to find a tossed treasure at the landfill is like searching for a needle in a haystack and usually takes people three to four hours — if they’re lucky enough to find it at all.

“For them to find it in four minutes, that’s incredible,” Ysea said.