Creative ways to celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day was not set aside as a very special day just so you could give 10 minutes thought to buying yet another tie your father won’t wear. This Father’s Day, why not offer dear old papa a gift that at least will be something he can point to as an example of how creative his offspring is?

Barbecue Branding Iron

If your dad makes a big deal out of barbecuing steaks in the backyard, he’s going to love this branding iron. This 18-inch iron comes with 55 letters so dad can actually sear a brand into his meat that shows off his name, or even a personal message, to the lucky diners. Not bad for just 15 bucks a pop.

Star Trek Phaser

Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock are back in style in a much cooler way thanks to the recent big screen remake from J.J. Abrams. Few Father’s Day gifts rank as high up in the neato factor as an exact replica of the phaser from the original “Star Trek” series. Low-end models on sale at start for as little as $29.95. But if you’ve got some extra cash hanging around, why not go for the $699.95 Enterprise Phase Pistol model with removable power cell?

Metallic Video Watch

The next best thing to watching TV on a wristwatch is this video watch with a 1.8-inch color screen and 8 GB built in memory, which allows your pop to spend Father’s Day watching any downloaded TV show or movie he wants. What could be cooler than a watch that lets you listen to music or watch video on the long commute to work, or during interminable business meetings?

Swiss Memory USB

Finally, a Swiss army knife for the 21st century. From