Cruisin’ to End the Bruisin’ raises money for New Horizons

One out of every three women will experience domestic abuse in their life-time.

It’s a startling statistic people in our area are trying to change by revving their engines.

Cruisin’ to End the Bruisin’ is a 100-mile fundraiser motorcycle ride that took off from Nutbush City Limits in La Crosse today. 

The event raises money for New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers in La Crosse.


The organization gives people trying to escape an abusive home a place to live.

It also works to raise awareness about the problem.

Executive Director of New Horizons, Ann Kappauf said the ride is more important than ever this year as domestic abuse seems to be on the rise in the La Crosse area.

“People are just, they’re not able to stay at home anymore because the abuse has gotten to be so bad that they’ve then chosen to come into the shelter and in this economy, it’s hard to find the employment that type of thing. Also, part of it is hopefully we’re doing more awareness.” said Kappauf.

Kappauf said New Horizons Shelter has been full since early 2010.