Dam officials urge boater safety

Officials with area lock and dams are warning of potential dangers after a fisherman was found dead Friday evening.

Just before 5 p.m. on Friday, a fisherman was pulled into the roller gates of the Genoa Dam on the Mississippi River after his boat capsized within the 150-feet restricted area below the dam.

Now, officials said boaters and fishermen need to be aware of rules and regulations that prevent these incidents from occurring.

They said the area around the dam is dangerous, and boaters must follow the regulations.

“Below the dam is a restriction of a 150-foot area that fishermen–anybody in craft–needs to be obey and stay away from the dam. It is very turbulent,” said Jane Mathison, lockmaster at the Lock and Dam 8.

Officials said the dam area is popular for fishing, but fishermen must stay in designated areas.

They said being aware of where you are while fishing is essential to preventing tragedy.

“No matter what time of year it is, what the fishing is, we have that restricted area set up for a purpose and for a reason. It’s highly unlikely that people that get caught up in that will come out alive,” Mathison said.

Officials say the restricted areas apply for all boats near the dam.