Dandelions more numerous this spring

Last summer's drought may be to blame

La Crosse County UW-Extension agriculture experts say last year’s drought created perfect conditions for the pesky yellow weed to seed and grow this year.

They say the best way to get rid of them is to use a good digging tool that will pull out the entire root, mow them consistently, or use weed killers.

But while those strategies may do away with them now, you’ll have to keep those tools handy for the end of the summer.


“Through the month of May to the first part of June, spring is their longest duration five to ten days when they’ll actually open up and bloom each day fall shorter 2, 3 days before they actually go to seed,” said Steve Huntzicker with the La Crosse County UW-Extension.

Experts say each dandelion has anywhere from 50 to 150 seeds… which makes them an extremely difficult weed to fight.