De Soto student in custody for school threat

A student in De Soto is in custody after a threat was discovered in the middle/high school building.

The threat was etched on a toilet paper dispenser in a boys’ restroom and referenced a threat to the school for Friday, May 26, which is graduation day for seniors. The threat was not specific to how the threat would be carried out.

In a letter to parents, De Soto Superintendent Linzi Gronning says the Vernon Co. Sheriff’s Dept. believes they have apprehended the person responsible so law enforcement no longer considers it a viable threat.

She goes on to say that the sheriff’s department will maintain a presence at the De Soto Middle/High School for the remainder of the week and at the graduation ceremony Friday evening. Deputies will also visit both elementary schools on Friday to provide additional support and security.

“The safety of our students and staff is our paramount concern, and we are very grateful to the Vernon Co. Sheriff’s Department for overseeing our school safety protocols, assigning deputies to provide additional security, and dispatching investigators to address this incident. We recognize this has been a concerning situation, and we appreciate the cooperation and support received,” said the release to parents.