‘Dentistry From the Heart’ event offers free dental work

Event brings in patients from across the state

Free dental work draws a crowd in Onalaska.

Valley Dental in Onalaska is once again participating in Dentistry From the Heart. The non-profit movement encourages local dentists to set aside a day for free dental care. It brings in patients from across the state and some bordering states.

At Valley Dental a team of three dentists and five hygienists offered fillings, cleaning, and even some surgery.

“Tremendous need in La Crosse area for dentistry and not everybody has dental insurance or certainly can afford it, so it’s nice to be able to give back one day, and give back something to the people who need it,” said Valley Dental Owner Dr. Mike Gavin.

It’s the third year the dentist has participated.

One man we talked to was ninth in line at 5:30 Friday morning. He knows the services are so important.

“It’s very important to have, like I said, to keep your teeth healthy, cause it can affect your heart and other attributes of your bodily health,” said patient Rick Roesler.

In past years they’ve been able to help between 50 and 100 people during the one-day event.

Several community members and businesses donated money and time to help the cause.