Did you move?: Here’s how to re-register to vote at your new hometown

Election 2020 is different with absentee voting and deadlines to meet before the general election; La Crosse County officials say plan ahead
Relocated Registration

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – There is time to register vote prior to Election Day. This is something people need to do if they plan to vote in the state they live in.

Among the hustle and bustle of people’s lives, there’s a historic worldwide pandemic, health, work, the economy, stress, did we miss anything? Oh yes, it’s an election year too.

Nov. 3 will catch some folks off guard if they don’t prepare to exercise their fundamental right as U.S. citizens. The U.S. has requirements for voters to meet in order for them to check a candidate’s box on Election Day.

Things changed this year on a large scale, and people moved to find new opportunities. If a person moved there are things to note so they can vote. Wisconsin residents must live in their current homes for at least 28 days to register their current town or city.

If a person is registered in a different state, officials say not to worry about it. Just don’t attempt to vote twice, that is illegal.

“Anybody who gets caught voting twice, or attempting to vote twice, will be turned over to the DA (district attorney) for charges,” said Ginny Dankmeyer, La Crosse County Clerk.

There are different rules for each state. The pandemic has created a new desire for absentee voting.

First, voters need to fill out an application. Wisconsin’s website is myvote.wi.gov. Minnesota and Iowa have resources on their respective secretary of state webpages.

Note the deadlines. Each state is different on dates a voter needs to register by and when an absentee ballot must be received by a clerk.

In the tri-state area if a voter misses a deadline to register they can do so in-person on Election Day. Voters need to bring a photo ID and proof of residency.

Dankmeyer said those concerned with deadlines and the mail-in process can vote in person.

“We want people to feel safe,” she said. “If you want to go to the polls to vote because you’re not trusting the mail system, that’s fine; go to the polls and vote. We have everything in place to keep you safe.”

Wisconsin voters can request an absentee ballot up until the Thursday before the election. However, it’s best not to procrastinate.

“Clearly if you look at that, you know that Saturday, Sunday, the weekend, you’re not going to get it in time,” Dankmeyer said.

Wisconsin voters have to receive the ballot and get into the hands of a clerk by the time election night is over.

“Get that request in now,” Dankmeyer said. “You have more than a month.”