District responds to video concerning safety at local high school

A video being shared on social media shows a parent confronting the Holmen school board over issues of school safety. The parent said his children were sent death threats via text message by another student who also brought a knife to school. Some people are outraged that the student in question could be allowed back into the district.

The parent brought the issue to the Holmen School Board in a meeting last month, but the incident allegedly happened a year ago. In the video, Brian Treadway said his two students received threatening text messages from someone who was supposed to be a friend.

“I quote from a string of messages, ‘You living in fear yet? I’m going to twist this knife deep and twist til you beg for mercy,” Treadway said.

The two students brought the issue to a guidance counselor the next day.

“When the student that had made the threats arrived at the counselor’s office, that student possessed a large knife,” Treadway alleged.

The district could not confirm these specifics when asked about the situation. But, the district administrator said in a statement that a student was expelled last school year and that student could be allowed back into the district in the future.

“To ensure that you have accurate information, be advised that a student who was expelled during the 2016-2017 school year could reapply for early readmission to the District,” the statement said.

In the video, Treadway says the administrators at schools where they had mass shootings would have wanted a warning.

“In light of all the known school shootings and other incidents, why did you come to a decision that is not in the interest of maintaining safety for the students of Holmen High School?” Treadway asked.

The district said the student would have to meet certain conditions in order to return to the district but has not yet done so. They would be charged if they returned to the property.

“Be further advised that pursuant to the expulsion order, the student will be charged with trespassing if s/he comes on school property,” the statement said.

Treadway asked the board to reconsider their decision but was told that the board is not able to respond to the public participation portion of the meeting.

“But, Dr. Mueller will be responding to the individual and we will receive a copy of that,” said Cheryl Hancock, president of the Holmen board of education.

The school district said the safety of its staff and students is their top priority.