DNR issues fish consumption advisory for lake in Juneau County

MADISON (WKBT) — The Wisconsin DNR issued new consumption advisories for fish taken out of Castle Rock Lake in Juneau and Adams Counties.

The DNR says elevated levels of PFOS — a type of PFAS chemical — were discovered in several species of fish. Both the Wisconsin DNR and the Wisconsin DHS issued guidelines stating that for any bluegill, yellow perch, or black crappie taken from Castle Rock Lake, residents are advised not to consume those species more than one meal per week. For any common carp, the advisory says to limit consumption to one meal per month.

The DNR issued new fish consumption advisories for Lake Mohawksin in Lincoln County as well. Both Castle Rock Lake and Lake Mohawksin are segments of the Wisconsin River.

PFAS are a group of human-made chemicals that have been used for decades in various products, such as non-stick cookware, fast food wrappers, stain-resistant sprays and certain types of firefighting foams that have made their way into the environment. Health risks may increase when fish with high levels of PFAS are consumed. These can include increased cholesterol levels, decreased immune response, and decreased fertility in women, among other health effects.