DNR warns of thin ice

As we get closer to Spring that means we’re approaching the end of the ice fishing season. At least one deadline to get fishing houses off the ice has already passed.

The Wisconsin DNR says with longer days and warmer overnight temperatures, ice is quickly disappearing in our area.

Officials recommend if you do go on the ice, don’t go alone, take a cell phone with you, and wear a life jacket if possible.

They say this time of year the ice thickness can be deceiving. “As the ice is forming, people can tend to watch as it’s getting colder and colder the ice forms over, this time of the year the ice is getting thinner and thinner and we don’t necessarily see that from the top down and so the ice is getting thinner,” said DNR Warden Matthew Modjeski.

The deadline was Thursday to get your ice houses off of border waterways between Minnesota and Wisconsin. For inland waterways south of Hwy. 64, the deadline is Sunday.