Doggy day care business is booming as people return to work

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but now that many people are returning to their normal work lives, they need a place to stay.

Fun Fur Pets is a doggy daycare that has been around for nine years. Even though business took a huge hit during covid, they’re now busier than ever.

“Daycare numbers are actually higher than they were pre covid, nationwide pet ownership is up over 30%,“ said Eve Malzhon, the owner.

Molzhon has seen a lot of dogs as the owner, but she has never had to take care of this many dogs at one time.

Molzhon said, “Before, daycare we were averaging right around 90-100 dogs a day and now we’re averaging 100-130 dogs a day for daycare”

Even though business is booming, taking care of more dogs makes things difficult without the right staff.

“We have added actually 6 additional staff members”

Despite the increase in dogs and work that comes along with it- they want to make sure the service they provide is just as good.

David Radtke, a dog owner, said, “I just really appreciate how well they treat my dogs. I feel like I’m really happy coming here and they take a good job of the dog.”

Even though dropping your dog off at the door may leave some a little nervous, at Fun Fur Pets, they take care of all dogs like it’s their own.

“It’s playtime inside. We do go outside for a potty time. And then we encourage napping from 1-3 because I would get really tired and grouchy if I was running around outside as well.”

Making dogs feel at home until its pick-up time.

Malzhon said she has already raised prices once during the pandemic, and plans to raise them again because there is just that big of a demand for doggy daycares,