Downtown bar scene still active despite the La Crosse County Health Department Advisory

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) – On Friday the La Crosse County Health Department put out an advisory for the same 25% capacity limit as Governor Evers’ emergency order.
A few hours after the advisory, the downtown La Crosse bar scene still attracted younger crowds on Friday night.

Over the weekend, the bars in downtown La Crosse were still attracting crowds.

On Friday, the La Crosse County Health Department stated they wouldn’t be seeking fines with the new advisory, and they’re asking for people’s cooperation.

Health Director Jen Rombalski said, “And if we can’t get voluntary compliance, then we’ll always use as many steps as possible and education and communication with businesses to assure that compliance is occurring.”

An owner of one downtown spot, Dublin Square, says his business is complying, but still has the worry of having to shutter its doors.

He says, “We are following the 25% capacity guideline and we have a full list of all the precautionary measures we are taking on our websites. I can say with confidence that it is nearly impossible to operate a business with only 25% of normal revenue. Unfortunately, and sadly, many places will most likely be going out of business for good after this is all said and done. Now more than ever shopping local is important.”

Yet, crowds were still out on a Friday night.

As for UW-La Crosse Student Body President, Cate Wiza, she is spreading the message to her peers to stay home.

“We do play a part in our community to slow the spread of COVID-19. So it is our duty to do that. And I think we need to be responsible with our actions, and remember that we just go to school at UWL and that this is also our home and we need to stop going to the bars and stop gathering in large groups to help slow the spread,” said Wiza. “This isn’t a time to be selfish. This is a time where we come together and reunite, and we help our community. We help the La Crosse community. We help our campus community. Because we want to move forward, but we can’t do that unless we take this seriously.”

The La Crosse County Health Department says they have not received any complaints over the weekend regarding bars or any downtown establishments.