Downtown parking study to update 2011 evaluation

Future expansions prompted need for updated study

The landscape is changing in downtown La Crosse and so is the demand for parking.

That’s why the city, county, and Weber Holdings are funding a new study on parking needs. It’ll be an update to the last evaluation from 2011.

The downtown area is expanding with change near the Oktoberfest grounds where a former warehouse is being torn down and the redevelopment of Lot C by the County Courthouse. Don Weber and his Weber Holdings company want to replace the large surface lot with office space, housing, retail space, and some parking.

“The study hopefully will look at what the current demand for parking and also take in consideration future demands based on Lot C development and other developments that are coming online,” said La Crosse County Board Chair Tara Johnson.

The study should wrap up in 30 to 45 days, about the same time negotiations are supposed to be completed for the Lot C redevelopment.