Driver carrying nuclear waste asks truck to be checked

A driver carrying low level nuclear waste from Dairyland Power’s nuclear facility has asked that his truck be double-checked on I-90 near Bangor at mile marker 20 after thinking the load may have shifted.

Health physics technicians and mechanics from Dairyland Power were on site for the inspection Thursday morning.

Dairyland Power’s senior communications specialist Kate Thomson says the company is in the process of decommissioning the shutdown nuclear facility (LACBWR), which involved the removal, processing and disposal of equipment from the plant.

Thomson says the driver of a shipment of material from LACBWR containing a feedwater heater and other small equipment thought the load may have shifted and asked for it to be double-checked. Thomson says there is no cause for concern.

The equipment is being shopped to an Energy Solutions facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, for processing and proper disposal.