Drivers recognized on Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day

Officials remind drivers to give plows space once snow starts falling

There may not be any snow on the ground right now but that doesn’t mean snow plow drivers can’t be given a “thank you.”

Wednesday is Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day in Wisconsin, and to mark the occasion, the city of La Crosse held an appreciation breakfast this morning.

City street superintendent Mike LaFleur says even though it’s been a late start to snow plowing season the past couple years, the drivers still appreciate being recognized for their hard work to keep roads clear.

“These people do a very difficult job,” said LaFleur. “It’s very stressful, and it’s nice to get feedback because usually the feedback isn’t the greatest. People don’t like having their driveways plowed in, and in general, snow is a nuisance.”

City officials say once the snow does start falling, it’s best to be patient when plows are on the road and give the trucks plenty of space to do their jobs.