Drop unwanted drugs off at Household Hazardous Waste site

Drug Drop Off day scheduled for Saturday

It’s your chance to get rid of unwanted items in your medicine cabinet.

The La Crosse County Household Hazardous Waste program is putting on a drug drop event Saturday.

They’ll collect all kinds of medication, liquids, and needles from nine to noon at the Household Hazardous Waste site at the county landfill.

The county’s special waste manager says these events help protect the environment and keep drugs off the streets.

“If you are done with them and you don’t need them anymore, you need to dispose of them properly, you can’t just leave them around or throw them away, flush them down the toilet, those types of things,” said La Crosse County Special Waste Manager Randy Nedrelo.

Wisconsin’s Attorney General has made curbing the drug problem one of his priorities. He plans to give money to help drug collections including the drop boxes located at local law enforcement and Gundersen Health System.