Drug Cost Cutters 10/9/11

“How can I help you?” Pharmacist Linsay Davis hears from many people struggling to pay for prescription drugs. Linsay Davis, “We have found a lot of customers do try to cut corners with their medications.” That’s in keeping with what Consumer Reports National Research Center found in its latest poll on prescription drugs. “Twenty-eight percent of people who currently take medication said they took potentially dangerous actions to save on drug costs.”


Twelve percent skipped a scheduled dose. Thirteen percent took an expired medication. And 16 percent skipped filling a prescription. Orly Avitzur “Not taking your medication as prescribed can lead to unnecessary hospitalizations and even death.” The survey also found eight percent split pills in half without consulting a physician. Orly Avitzur “Some types of medication, such as blood-pressure pills and statins, may be okay to split. But chemotherapy or anti-seizure drugs are not. Be sure to always check with your doctor first.” Consumer Reports says pills not to split include powder or gel capsules, time-release capsules, and pills with a hard coating. Also, don’t split pills with a knife. Instead, use a pill splitter. They’re available at pharmacies for under ten dollars.”