Eagle Scouts improve La Crosse Co. Landfill trail

Scouts build picnic table, park bench, bridge

A Bridge to nowhere unveiled at the La Crosse County landfill is actually a bridge to the future.

Eagle Scouts showed off the new bridge, handicap accessible picnic table, and a park bench they built along the trail. It’s part of the scouts’ joint effort with the county landfill to improve a growing walking trail.

The landfill added the one mile loop this spring and plans to expand it over the next five years.

As it grows the landfill offers several educational opportunities. Two possibilities include a ho-chunk cultural site and planting a new prairie.

“They’re actually going to see the prairies develop. And it takes 4-5 years for prairies to develop so they’ll be able to see them being seeded, they’ll be able to see how they grow, how they’re managed, we’re going to do controlled burning out here, so we’ll get a chance to actually witness that,” said La Crosse County Solid Waste System Director Henry Koch.

The Eagle Scouts have several other possible projects in the works including a hibernation habitat for garter snakes and bird houses for kestrel hawks.