Eau Claire library snags bonus grant for expansion in community foundation program

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(L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library website)

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WKBT) — Library supporters earned the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library second place in a crowdfunding challenge from the Eau Claire Community Foundation.
During a three-week period in July, Eau Claire residents donated almost $14,000 to the city’s library to help fund its third-floor expansion. The $18.5 million project will allow the library to host larger cultural events and educational opportunities.
The foundation awarded the library a $7,000 bonus grant for finishing second in the challenge.
“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we saw during the donation period,” said Kimberly Hennings, the library’s deputy director. “This was a true crowdfunding effort, so it was all about our community banding together to help us reach the goal and win a bonus grant. We’re just so thankful to operate in a place that truly appreciates the services we provide.”
Storybuilder Webbanner Eccf V3 1536x494The library is raising additional funds for its renovation project through the Story Builder expansion campaign.
The crowdfunding challenge was the first installment of the Eau Claire Community Foundation’s new Grant Catalog program, which the foundation is offering to celebrate its 25th anniversary.
“As ECCF enters its next quarter-century, it will involve the community in philanthropy by launching a new crowdfunding platform called the Grant Catalog,” according to the foundation website.
The program not only allows local nonprofits to raise funds through direct public donations but also makes them eligible for bonus grants that could tally $100,000 by year’s end.
The foundation announced the most recent Grant Catalog winners Tuesday. The 17 organizations accepted into the first catalog raised almost $60,000 between July 6 and July 28.
The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre took first place, while the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra placed third. More information is available at the foundation’s website.
The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library is open at its temporary location at 2725 Mall Drive in Eau Claire as construction continues at its downtown location.
For other library information, contact Information & Reference by calling (715) 839-5004, emailing librarian@eauclaire.lib.wi.us or chatting with staff via the library’s website.