Enchanted Forest educates kids about healthy living

Area kids got a healthy taste of Halloween Saturday morning at Myrick Park.

Mayo Clinic Heath System and WisCorps teamed up for the annual Enchanted Forest.

The event is a non-spooky Halloween event to teach kids healthy eating and exercise.

The event also had music, storytelling and games.

Mayo says it’s important to teach kids about healthy options while also enjoying the sweeter things in life.

“It’s important for families to realize that it is OK to have a little bit of candy here and there. But it’s really good to also integrate those fruits and veggies as well as a little TV time and some exercise. Everything in moderation is helpful for young growing children,” said Valerie Prange, community and engagement coordinator for Mayo Clinic Health System said.

Organizers say the beautiful weather drew a larger than-normal-crowd Saturday.