End to cold weather rule quickly approaching for utilities

Xcel energy says more people are behind on paying their heating bill this year.

13% of customers in Wisconsin are behind on paying their bills. That’s about 35,000 customers.

By law, Xcel can’t cut off utilities during the winter months, but that expires April 15th and by the 16th Xcel could start cutting off service.

Xcel does work with customers to set up payment plans and get them into assistance programs if they qualify.


They also recommend their budget program. “What that does is it smooths out your payments so you’re not in December, January and February not getting these huge heating bills and then in the summer you have the air conditioning bills, what that does is that will keep it flatter,” said Mike Herro from Xcel.

If you are behind on payments, Xcel says you should call as soon as possible to get it resolved. The customer service line is 1-800-895-4999.