Event coordinators well prepared for day one of WIAA State Track weather

“Bring sunscreen; bring lots of water, drink lots of water take little breaks.”

Making a four-hour trip here from Peshtigo for their third year, Dan and Joy Marquardt know the ins and outs of where to take a break from the heat on the UWL Campus.

“This is my third year here and I found that tree two years ago and I call it my tree. I sit under it all the time to refresh,” revealed Joy.

While the tree has worked for Joy so far, event planners understand they must provide other ways for people to stay cool.

“We also have satellite water stations with Gatorade and water up in the main grandstand area as well as all along the facility,” explained Josh Buchholtz, UWL Event Coordinator.

They also make sure the athletes can find a break from the heat.

“For the athletes we have a sprinkler system set up on the infield in case they overheat.”

While the sprinkler was of use today, they’re planning for possible rain and thunderstorms tomorrow,

“Rain we’ll run in, we’ll do what we can to get that track meet going, as long as there’s no heavy rains or lightning,” added Buchholtz.

Working with trainers and local police, event planners are confident that if severe weather strikes, they’ll be able get everyone to safety.

“Get them indoors, Mitchell Hall is our primary along with the field house and the gymnasiums, we want to get everyone in there as fast as we could if there’s potential weather.”

But as of now, with no major weather threats, fans can focus on what they do best.

“Go Bulldogs go!” cheered Joy.

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