Exclusive Interview: One-on-one with White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy

News 8 Now's Amy DuPont speaks with White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy about President Joe Biden's spending plan

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy is promoting President Joe Biden’s upcoming spending plan, specifically investing in clean water and energy.

President Biden visited La Crosse in June to speak about infrastructure plans. Wisconsin made headlines regarding climate change after Sen. Ron Johnson called climate change bulls— at a GOP luncheon last week.

News 8 Now received a one-on-one interview with McCarthy to find out how the president will connect with people like Johnson in order to spend money and pass more bills related to climate change.

“We have to start investing in ourselves and in our people. And, when we do, there will be folks that are left behind in terms of the rhetoric they are using that denies the reality of today and that’s thinking more of themselves or their party than the American people, We have to move forward for the American people,” McCarthy said.

In regard to the PFAS contamination affecting several communities including the Town of Campbell, McCarthy said there is money in their spending plan to help people dealing with forever chemicals.