Exclusive: News 8 Now Sports catches up with Jonathan Davis

La Crosse Central, Wisconsin Badgers, Team USA?

That’s the trajectory of Jonathan Davis who has a chance to represent the nation on the national U-19 team at this year’s FIBA World Cup.

Alec Giannakopoulos has more on Wisconsin’s rising star in an exclusive one-on-one interview.

ALEC: Your first year at Madison, with everything, especially COVID, what was it like getting used to ball on a college level, and getting used to the competition you had?

DAVIS: Yeah, it wasn’t what I was expecting, but I made the most of it, had a lot of fun down there playing with my teammates, meeting new guys and I think it went pretty well.

ALEC: How did playing ball in La Crosse prepare you for the next level?

DAVIS: I would say the coaching. Coach Fergot at La Crosse Central, he made sure we were doing everything right, not cheating or anything like that. Playing the right way, and that really helped me carry over into college, just being solid, knowing what to do.

ALEC: Your focus is trying out for that FIBA squad. What have you been trying to improve on and what have you been doing to really try to get your chance on that team?

DAVIS: I would say more of my guard skills. I’ve played more like a 3 or 4 in high school but in college that’s a little different. I’m not always the biggest, fastest, most athletic guy, so you know, just working on my ball handling, shooting–simple stuff like that.

ALEC: What’s it like to represent La Crosse not just to people watching on TV but possibly on a global stage?

DAVIS: It’s really great. I’ve always loved this city, I was raised here, and I can’t wait to put it on the map.

ALEC: Winding things down, you’ll be a part of a very young Badger team, are you already looking to assume a leadership role?

DAVIS: Oh yeah for sure. I get that Brad Davison is coming back, Tyler Wahl was a starter last year but I played last year a lot too, just as much as them. So I’m ready to take on that role as much as they are.

While most college students take the summer off, Jonathan’s the exception. He’s headed back to Madison to prepare for tryouts, which begin June 20.