Experts warn about buying rabbits for Easter Sunday

Another hot item for Easter shopping is pet bunnies but experts say you shouldn’t buy one if you’re not ready for the commitment.

Officials with the Coulee Region Humane Society say every year around Easter, people start to think about buying rabbits for their young children.

Experts warn raising a rabbit isn’t all that easy and families should know the responsibilities well before agreeing to adopt one.

“You just need to keep remembering that this is a commitment just like a dog or a cat, and there are certain things you need to provide for it –exercise wise, certain food, –just like a dog or a cat. So it’s real important to get yourself educated on rabbits and view it as a long term commitment,” said Melissa Lynch, from the Coulee Region Humane Society.

Two rabbits were adopted from the Humane Society this week but the organization says it work hard to make sure the rabbits go to the right homes.