Extended cold causing increase in auto service calls

Dead batteries, frozen fuel lines causing problems

The extended stretch of cold temperatures isn’t just hard on people.

Don’s Towing in La Crosse says they’ve seen service calls rise this week with many people having trouble starting their cars.

They typically get more calls in the winter, but this week they say they’ve had double the workload of a normal week.

Owner Amanda Manock says it’s extended stretches of extremely cold weather like this week that’s especially hard on cars.

“It’s not the first day, it’s usually the third day it’s cold like this that we get so many calls. Those cars just don’t last,” said Manock. “If you were to go out and start your car every day and let it run a little bit, it would help you.”

Don’s Towing says many of the issues that come up during cold weather can be prevented by checking your battery and fluids before it gets so cold.